About Us

Shabodi has a single minded agenda. Making your application development network-aware, easier and more efficient. Extracting the maximum performance from your private or telco 5G network.

Our Focus

Shabodi empowers enterprises across industries, system integrators and telcos to build high-performance enterprise applications on advanced networks such as 5G, WiFi 6 and 6G.

Our simple APIs reduce the complexity of the underlying 5G network infrastructure while taking full advantage of the network’s capabilities.

This enhances the performance of next-generation AI, AR/VR/XR, IoT, robotics, and operational security, among other enterprise and end-user applications, and makes them “network-aware”.

The stage is set

Next-generation networks like 5G will soon be the bedrock of all enterprise and industry

Most applications assume network to be just a pipe for communication, but these next generation networks offer a lot more.

Shabodi’s  Application Enablement Platform (AEP) enables vendor agnostic “network aware” application development for utilising the full potential of your network. 

Boxout - How Shabodi AEP helps you make the most of 5G

  • Network Vendor and Operator Interoperability
  • Optimised Utilisation of the network.
  • Enabling Next Generation network aware Applications.

We've come a long way

Shabodi is a well funded, VC backed company with global aspirations. We are disrupting multiple industries with our vendor agnostic application enablement platform. 

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Our Culture

We believe that it takes a great culture to build a great product.

Shabodi encourages its people to think, create, deliver and celebrate. We focus on seamless work-life harmony.  In a short period of time, we have built a community that makes us proud.

Our culture provides equal opportunity to every one to deliver results. We have fun and challenge each other to deliver the best we can for our customers.

The Shabodi Edge

Shabodi's overall Value Proposition

Shabodi empowers enterprises, system integrators and telcos to build custom applications on advanced LTE and 5G networks.

Speed to Market

Shabodi's AEP simplifies and accelerates 5G application development, accelerating deployment and ROI timelines.

Ease of Development

Build once, deploy to any Shabodi-enabled Private 5G network, ensuring applications never need refactoring.

Lower Operations Cost

As a trusted network element, Shabodi protects the network from overutilisation , ensuring valuable network resources are not wasted.

Standards Compliant

Shabodi's application APIs are built leveraging the open standard CAPIF framework, eliminating vendor lock-in.

Vendor Agnostic

Shabodi's AEP discovers all Network Element function APIs, and outputs simplified APIs for application developers, regardless of NEP (Network Equipment Provider) vendor.

Trivialized Connectivity

Application developers can modify network services for their custom needs by utilising simple REST APIs to invoke complex network services.

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